Anxiety and Panic Coaching Sessions with Angela Brittain
If you need help overcoming panic and fear, schedule a 30- or 60-minute anxiety phone consultation with Angela. These coaching sessions are offered to people with a cell phone or land line in the United States, Canada or Mexico. A Skype anxiety and panic coaching session can also be accommodated for those who live outside the United States.

Please note, Angela is not a licensed counselor. She cannot provide mental health or medical advice. (Consult your physician or licensed professional counselor for medical or psychological advice). Angela speaks from her experience with overcoming an anxiety disorder and from 20 years of working with people struggling to put anxiety and panic coping strategies in place. She also approaches her anxiety coaching sessions from her knowledge of the Bible as it relates to fear and anxiety. 

To schedule your 1/2- hour or 1-hour personal anxiety consultation with Angela, please complete the form below with preferred evening or weekend appointment times.  Click the submit button. Angela will then e-mail you with a few openings.      You pick a time, give her your phone number or Skype account, and she will get in touch with you! 

What Can I Expect from My Anxiety Coaching Session?
Once you have set your appointment with Angela, please reflect on the following so  your time can be used most effectively:

Preparation for Anxiety Consultation with Angela Brittain

1) Be able to briefly summarize your experience with anxiety, panic, or fear
2) Describe any traumatic experiences you went through as an adult  or child 
3) Explain your most troubling symptom that you presently deal with

At the end of your consultation with Angela, she will identify several Action Steps for you to  implement and e-mail you a copy.

Get ready to be encouraged and empowered to overcome!
Request an Anxiety Coaching Session
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Select Your Appropriate Anxiety Coaching Session and Payment
Fees are $60 for 1/2 hour anxiety coaching and $100 for one hour. PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards are accepted.  Simply choose your session below and complete payment via PayPal within 30 minutes of the start of your personal anxiety coaching session.
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Following Are Comments from People Who Have Participated
in Anxiety Coaching Sessions with Angela Brittain
Woman Having Difficulty Driving
Angela Brittain is a very helpful coach for someone struggling with panic attacks. She has the insight to help someone take a step forward into freedom from panic attacks. She's also very encouraging for someone who's doubtful they will ever get better or discouraged about making progress. She's also very easy to talk to and listens to what you have to say.
Kathleen from Florida

Husband, Father and Businessman, Overcoming Past Trauma
Angela has a unique and Holy Spirit-gifted ministry of providing healing and relief to those like me with anxiety and depression. During my phone consultations, Angela has always been Spirit-led and seems to know the perfect “salve” to speak to me about the truth about God and myself, and how to identify lies and thinking errors.
     We walked through some of my toughest past circumstances and asked the Lord to minister in these situations.  It has provided great peace. Her words are gentle, kind and provide relief and freedom. I honestly feel like she is an angel, but she is as real and down to earth as everyone else.
     Because of her encouragement, I’ve been able to stop isolating out of fear and admit my struggles. I’ve also become involved in my church in several areas of ministry. I’ve learned through Angela that even if you have a certain struggle in your life, you can still be used by God.  I used to believe that no one would want to receive ministry from me.  I now know that God wants me to be a vital part of the Body of Christ and am connecting to people and letting God use my talents.
     I also love her followup emails that give specific “next steps” after each phone session.  That allows me to better focus on what Angela is saying during our call.
Grant from Texas

A Pastor's Wife Struggling with Anxiety about Being Alone
I got your actions steps and they are very helpful and I am encouraged.  Just wanted to let you know I have been doing somewhat better. Trying to rest in that God is in control. We are going to do the annointing oil tomorrow. Thanks so much for taking your time for me. I sooo appreciate it. I am also going to make an appointment for the doctor. I am having a hard time with that a little. I think it is pride, but I will do it. I am definitely not out of the woods, but am trusting Jesus for deliverance. My husband has to go away next week and I am not looking forward to it. But it is kind of a prelude to his mission trip so I can practice. We are definitely going to have you in to speak at our church! Jesus bless you,
Judy from New York

Businessman Having Difficulty with Public Speaking
I thought I'd drop you an update: Since we last spoke, I have delivered several significant presentations/speeches in front of sizable audiences and they all went VERY WELL.  I very much appreciate the time you gave me on the phone.  You were a great confirmation for the ideas I had on this issue.
My two most significant takeaways have been:
1)  Spend time in prayer before the event.  Trust in the Lord with all my heart and do not lean on my own capability or understanding and He will guide me.  My family has been praying for me as well (including my children) and it has been a great rally point for all of us to bring us together.
2)  Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. With both of these in place I am able to step up in confidence. Thank you and blessings to you and your ministry!!
Mark from Texas

Minister Struggling with Bridges and Agoraphobia
Just giving you a praise report. I had friends come and pray and agree with me and then we went for a drive. Went into a local city and said, "You know what, we need to go out again and go over the big bridge and then go to the city and walk around!" We did it with no problem...over the bridge and just getting used to it in the city. No biggie. Then today, over the bridge again and I actually enjoyed myself. Praise the Lord!!!!!! Freedom! We will not let up an inch but will keep walking in the victory and administering it to as many that will let us. 
Jeff from Florida