Panic Attacks:
What are panic attacks and how do I stop them?
Your heart is racing, you feel a funny tingling sensation in your fingers, you're sweaty, anxious and disoriented and feel a little detached from reality. You'll feel better once you get out of here and go get a drink of water and fresh hope.

​If you recognize feeling this way, you might have had a panic attack. These and other symptoms of anxiety ranging from chest pains to a fear of going crazy, take many people to an emergency room or at least their family doctor. But often, these individiuals leave more perplexed than when they arrived...because they have been told there is nothing physically wrong. It is just anxiety or stress. 

When a person is diagnosed with panic disorder (you want to rule out any other illness such as a thyroid problem, heart problem, or hypoglycemia) he or she may have come through a prolonged period of stress. Perhaps he has just survived a trauma (post traumatic stress) or had surgery, or endured a major change. This environment coupled with heredity can set the scene for panic disorder.
Anticipatory Anxiety
Fear of having another panic attack sets up the next episode. This "anticipatory anxiety" is so powerful! Telling yourself you aren't in any physical danger can help keep fear at bay. In fact, I often suggest to "give yourself permission" to experience the symptoms. This takes the power away from the fear and helps to disarm it.

Some people get migraine headaches, some people get upset stomachs, others have muscle tension or back problems. You just might happen to panic under stress. But you are in good company--most people with panic disorder are high achievers. We just have to learn to control our perspective and how we think, and we'll be ok! 

You Can Overcome Panic Attacks​
Panic Attacks and the Fight or Flight Response
It will take some time, but you can overcome panic and anxiety, regain control of your thoughts and stay calm. Sometimes we need to press through, feel the fear, and do it anyway!!! ​​
During a panic attack, the body's fight or flight response is activated when there is no real danger. All the stress hormones and adrenaline that you need to fight an armed intruder or run for your life, are released at a time when there is no emergency. You are not actually in danger. So your body is left with all of this extra "fuel" but no battle to consume it. And you feel pretty rotten, anxious, and frazzled.

Why do some people panic and others don't? We're still not sure, but hopefully soon we can determine the liklihood of developing an anxiety disorder based on one's chemical make-up. But for now, we do know that heredity plays a big part. If it's in your family, you might want to do what you can to keep your environment as stress-free and prioritized as possible. You may find that throughout life's different stages, you are always dealing with some level of anxiety. Take heart, however, because with a little help, you can learn to manage it and lead a very productive and fulfilling life!
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When you are down to nothing, God is up to something! Our purpose at is to help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks by putting the tools into your hands for recovery. Fear is at the root of all anxiety and panic…and it must be confronted to be overcome. That’s what we’re all about! 
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Angela Brittain is an author and speaker from North Canton, Ohio, about topics related to fear, anxiety, panic, and stress. She provides key insight into the roles that our thoughts and words play in battling anxiety disorders. She has personally come from fear to freedom, having fought her own battle with panic disorder, and is now taking what she learned and reaching out to help others develop faith that overcomes anxiety!​​ 
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